We think that everyone is entitled to a beautiful, individual and functional home and outdoor room.

But is it possible? We seached a long time after products that fulfilled all these criteras, without success. Then a thought started growing – why not produce the products that we miss on the market ourselves. From that idea toodeloo was born.

Individual products that gives you options

Our goal is to colour co-ordinate our designs to give you an option to create your own concept, look and feel. You can complement your old cushions with new ones when ever you want. Our goal is not to hold on to a certain style or trend, rather to look both to the past and the future to make your present look good.

Functional products with a high standard

In the creative process we try to take it one step further by looking at the product and imagine how we could make it even more functional, like wipeable, removable or dirt rejected. Without compromising the look and feel of the product too much.

Our goal is that our products will become a longterm relationsship and make your everyday life easier!